High School Ministry


First impressions are everything, especially for high schoolers at church. Help us ensure every student is warmly welcomed when they arrive, assist with sign-in, gather newcomer information and introduce them to other students/adults in main areas.

Time Commitment: 1.5-3 hours, one or two Sundays per month


Are you someone who loves worship, buys and follows Christian artists, or goes to concerts? If so, you may love serving on the student worship team. Help lead students in worship while building and supporting a student worship team.

Time Commitment: 10:00am Sunday gathering, 2-4 times per month plus rehearsals

Small Group Leader

If large groups aren't your thing but you excel in small clusters, connecting everybody, helping each person feel seen and known, and creating bonding experiences.  Consider co-leading a weekly small group with high school students. Curriculum based. No experience needed. We'll provide all the training, resources, and support needed.

Time Commitment: 2 hours on Wednesdays, September-May plus preparation time


Special Events

If you are gifted in administration or leadership, and organizing and executing events is something you enjoy, consider using your talents to help organize the details of conferences, retreats, and camps.

Time Commitment: Varies according to event, flexible scheduling

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