Creative Arts

Audio Team

Our team provides high-quality sound reinforcement for our weekend services & special events. This team is perfect for audio artists, engineers, & technical people who love music & live audio. No experience needed to get "plugged-in."


Time Commitment:  Sunday mornings and/or special events (1-2 times per month)

Dance Team

Our team enhances our worship gatherings & outreach events, using high-energy, visually artistic expression. We gather seasonally for special presentations and events. If you have skills and experience in the art of dance, we’d love to connect with you. Thursday rehearsals. Audition required.


Time Commitment:  Thursday rehearsals, 2 hours

Lighting Team

Our team provides theatrical lighting for our weekend gatherings & special events. If you enjoy setting the mood by using light to visually enhance worship or events, this is a great place to serve.

Time Commitment:  1.5 hours per Sunday, one to two Sundays per month

Podcast: Audio

We distribute the teaching messages online via our audio podcasts, making the weekend messages accessible to everyone, everywhere! If you enjoy working independently from home using your computer audio or video editing skills, this is a great way to serve and impact the lives of others.

Time Commitment:  1-2 hours per month

Seasonal Choir

Our choir sings during special occasions at Seneca Creek, including Easter & Christmas Eve gatherings. We accompany the Worship Team & help take the music to "another level." If you love to sing, this is a great place to connect, make friends, and create music together.

Time Commitment: 3 Rehearsals: 7-9pm Wednesdays, 3 weeks prior to the Worship Gathering

Service Coordinator Team

Service Coordinators provide “big picture” oversight during our Sunday Gatherings. This unique serving role provides communication between all of the Creative Arts volunteers to ensure that each person informed and prepared to execute specific elements (cues, transitions, creative content) during our gatherings. Service Coordinators provide valuable feedback for those serving “on stage” and behind-the-scenes. This serving role is well suited for individuals who have experience with event planning and production teams.

Time Commitment: Varies

Video Production Team

Our team provides a live video broadcast of our weekend gatherings & special events, distributed throughout our facility & online. Are you technically inclined & visual? We'd love to add you to our team? Training and support provided



Time commitment: 1.5 hours, 1-2 Sundays per month

Video Presentation Team

Our team enhances learning & worship using video projection and ProPresenter computer software. Operators display visual content during our weekend gatherings and events: song lyrics, creative videos, sermon notes and thematic graphics. Your attention to detail & computers skills can serve the entire church.

Time commitment:  1.5 hours per Sunday: 1-2 Sundays per month

Worship Team: Vocalists

Our team is passionate about singing, worshiping God & igniting hope in our community. We sing a wide variety of genres (pop/rock, jazz, blues, gospel, Latin) as we connect with God, one another & our community. If you have skill & experience singing contemporary music within a team setting, we'd love to connect with you. Audition required. Rehearsals: Thursday night



Time Commitment: Thursday night rehearsal and Sunday morning gathering, 1-2 times per month

Worship Team: Instrumentalists

We enjoy making music, worshiping God & igniting hope in our community. We play a wide variety of genres (pop/rock, jazz, blues, gospel, Latin) as we help our community connect with God and each other. If you have skill & experience playing contemporary music within a team setting, we'd love to connect with you (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Brass, Percussion, Strings & more). Audition required.  


Time Commitment:  Thursday night rehearsal and Sunday morning gatherings, 1-2 times per month

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